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Support and a Fun Environment

NDIS Registered Service Provider– Victoria

Hi Five Community Services Pty Ltd. offers innovative, flexible support for differently abled people across Victoria. Contact us today for assistance with your daily activities and celebrate life as it was meant to be.

about us

About Us

Do you dream of living your life to the fullest while someone trust worthy always has your back? Allow us to be that special someone, taking care of your needs while you navigate through life stress-free.

Hi Five Community Services is a registered NDIS disability services provider, and we pride ourselves in offering flexibility, choice and control to people with disabilities.

Why Choose Us ?

Multilingual Staff

Whether you speak Eritrean, Ethiopian, English, Somali, Punjab, Urdu/Hindi, Tagalog, Spanish or Arabic, we have staff you can communicate with easily.

Trained Team

Our team is trained to contribute to improving your lifestyle.

Fully Registered

We fully abide by all NDIS rules and regulations.

Tailored Services

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.



What Our Clients Say

Hi Five has brought me an amazing experience! I enjoyed a thrilling train ride with my support workers and friends Julie and Andrea. I confidently managed to tap in and out, practiced road safety, and felt proud ordering and paying for my lunch. Thanks to Hi Five, I had an unforgettable day of new skills and great moments!"


I became a part of Hi five in 2019, and it has been an incredible journey for me throughout. Their NDIS support empowered me to enjoy life's moments independently. With their help, I embraced the skill of public speaking and took part in several local events as a social media influencer.


Hi Five community service has been a miraculous and great journey for me. Despite the hurdles of leukaemia surgery and a discouraging prognosis, their unyielding support and my dedicated physiotherapist turned the tide. With them, I reclaimed mobility, from cho cho rides to new found hope.


My journey with Hi Five began in 2023. Using public transportation was one of my goals, and I achieved it successfully with the help of their hands-on assistance. I now feel more comfortable taking public transportation. I map out my travel plans on my own with almost no assistance. I am glad that I was part of Hi Five.